A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 47 Southlands 2

Chapter 47 Southlands 2

Archer pulled out six bottles of Fizzle Fig’s, and six Dragon Tears placing them on the table in between them. , ”Where is the route to the north?” , Raymond stroked his chin as he held up three fingers. , ”Well boy, there are three routes to return north which is controlled by the Zenia Empire, ruled by Emperor Amkhu Sharifi, it is the only place you can buy imported goods.” , ”The Empire specializes in agriculture, spices, mercenary work, and the magical item markets” , ”They employ many beasts, Demi-Humans, and Humans in their armies, as they guard the three routes.” , Raymond picks up a Fizzle and downs it quickly as he turned back to Archer. , ”The first route is The Scorching Desert Road, dotted with ancient ruins and caravansaries, which leads straight to the northern plains once you pass through the Jagged Peaks and cross over the Misty River.” , Raymond stops speaking and holds up two fingers as Archer started to eat chocolate. , ”The second route is The Grasslands Passage, this expansive route stretches through numerous hostile tribes territories and a small human kingdom who practice some strange dark arts.” , He gets a concerned look on his face because that wasn’t the worse bit of news but spoke anyway. , ”But traders have told me many things about the route as it runs through The Darkwood forest, this vast forest is shrouded in perpetual gloom, with huge trees that are gnarled and twisted like arthritic fingers. , The branches of the trees hang low, creating a thick canopy that veils the forest in darkness, even in daylight. , Thick brambles and briars carpet the forest floor, making travel treacherous and difficult. , Strange noises are heard in the distance, like the low growls of unseen beasts, and the trees themselves seem to shift and stir like they have a life of their own. , Most travelers hire mercenaries and adventurers when they travel through The Darkwood forest.” , Archer didn’t care about that, he will deal with it when the time comes. He motioned for Raymond to carry on as he started eating even more chocolate. , The man wondered if everything is alright with this strange boy. , He sighed before continuing. 𝘪.𝘤𝑜𝘮, ”The Coastal Route on the way north is a perilous journey that only the bravest travelers dare to undertake. , The route hugs the rugged cliffs and sheer drop-offs of the coastal mountains, where the sea roars far below. , The narrow path is treacherous, with jagged rocks jutting out to catch the unwary. , The route is well known for its unpredictable weather, with sudden storms that can whip up waves that lash against the cliffs, threatening to sweep travelers away. , In some parts of the route, the path vanishes, leaving travelers clinging precariously to the sides of mountains. , Despite the dangers, some travelers choose to take the Coastal Route for its unparalleled views of the ocean. , But they must constantly be on guard for sudden obstacles and sea beasts, that have been known to attack people who travel the path” , Raymond stared at the boy whose eyes were shining, he could tell he was excited. , Archer nodded as he smiled at the man. , So the man started telling him about the Kingdoms. , ”There are six kingdoms in this land, with the Aquarian, Hakim, and Majid kingdoms located in the South-West. The other three kingdoms are the Nethania Kingdom in the East, the Kheesara Kingdom in the South-East, and the Kagia Kingdom in the West, where we currently are.” , Raymond stopped talking and looked at Archer. , ”Are you listening boy?” , He nodded at the man. , ”I’m going to tell you about the geopolitics of the Southlands.” , ”The Kagia Kingdom hates the Nethania Kingdom and the Zenia Empire who’re allies, they try their best to undermine the two, so they can take control of the Northern passages but the Zenians push them back every time.” , He sat there for hours listening to Raymond telling him all about the Southlands, after a while, he went off to help his wife cook when she called out to him. , Archer learned the main way people earn coins here is through spice, precious gems, magic items, and agriculture. , Raymond told him that the people as a whole refer to themselves as the Mahrazian people after their god of the same name who is the god of agriculture and happiness. , The Southland’s economy is built on the trading of exotic food, spices, herbs, gemstones, and magical items that are found only in the Arabian-like peninsula. , All those goods pass through the northern trade routes or by ship at the many port cities , He stood up and quickly left the house, as he was getting annoyed by sitting down for so long. , Archer jumps into the air and quickly flapped his wings and takes off, looking for a tree to rest in. , Not long after starting, he found a tree that was still on the farmstead so he made his way over to it. , Landing on the biggest branch, he dismissed his wings and sat down, his tail was swaying lazily behind him as he pulled out some meat wraps and started eating. , He realized that he only had two left and needed to find more, he may have to ask Raymond’s wife to make something. , Archer started gazing out at the Rolling Hills that stretched out before him. , In the distance, majestic mountains rose, their peaks shrouded in mist. To the west a dense jungle loomed, the trees whispering in the wind. , And to his right, the endless expanse of the grassland desert shimmered in the blazing sun. He couldn’t believe he found himself in these exotic lands. , Everywhere he looked, there were new sights, sounds, and smells to discover. Wondering what kind of magical beasts might dwell in the lush jungles or rocky mountains. , He pondered the mysteries of the ancient ruins scattered throughout the land and imagined the tales of the people who had lived there. , But he was determined to face it all, for he knew that the greatest adventures awaited him in this magical Arabian-like land. , He started laughing as he knew trouble would find him sooner or later. Archer couldn’t wait to explore all that this new land had to offer as he made his way north. , Ella randomly popped into his mind causing a smile to break out across his face, as he was sitting there eating. , With those light blue eyes and her short blonde hair, Archer loved her smile and the way she was always nice to him. , ‘She’s so cute.’ , Smiling as he remember his little maid waiting for him back in Vassia City, Archer missed her but knows she is safe due to the necklace he has never taken off. , Another hour passed by as Archer was laying on the branch mesmerized, his eyes fixed on the sky as the sun illuminated it with a dazzling array of colors. , Shades of pink, orange, and purple blended to create a stunning canvas of beauty above him. , He was lost in the spectacle, unaware of anything else around him, until a small voice suddenly caught his attention. , Looking down, he saw a tiny figure below him, its voice barely audible amidst the rustling of leaves and chirping of birds. , Archer saw a green-haired little boy staring up at him with big brown eyes. ”Papa said dinner is ready, you must come now.” , The little boy ran back to the house as Archer jumped to the ground and made his way there. , He entered the house and saw three children sitting at the table while Alima and Raymond were preparing the food. , Archer looked at the long wooden table it was lined with a vibrant array of dishes. A sizzling roasted bear leg, bathed in a savory gravy, was the centerpiece of the feast. , Next to it, a bowl of crimson-red cherry cobbler glimmered with sugary sweetness. , The family of five and Archer took their seats at the table, filling their plates with a selection of exotic meats, succulent fruits, and aromatic vegetables. , A platter of unique fish, unlike anything he had seen before, made its way around the table, and the children eagerly filled their plates. , Colorful, magical vegetables adorned the table, with shimmering carrots, turnips, and beet-like creations resembling precious jewels. , A salad of fresh greens, sprinkled with nuts and Moon Milk cheese, added a touch of delightful crunch. , As the meal progressed, more fantastical delicacies appeared, including meat from an unidentified creature placed at the center of the table. , Archer was in the midst of enjoying his meal when a little girl with brown hair and blue eyes approached him, speaking in an innocent tone. , “Who are you?” she asked. , Turning to the girl with a smile, Archer replied, “I’m Archer. And what’s your name?” , The little girl’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she responded, “I’m Aiza. Why do you have four horns on your head? Are you a goat?” , He looked at the young girl who mistook him for a goat and burst into laughter. Aiza, not understanding the reason behind his laughter, joined in with giggles of her own. , After regaining his composure, Archer explained, “No, I’m not a goat, Aiza…” , “He’s a dragon,” a voice chimed in. , Archer noticed the boy he had seen earlier, who appeared to be around 15 or 16 years old. She turned her gaze back to him, her eyes shining with curiosity. “Are you a dragon?” , Aiza’s excitement surprised her brother, who had anticipated a different reaction. But instead, she was thrilled and eager to see. , Archer nodded in response to the girl’s question. , With that, he rose from his seat and moved away from the table, raising his arms while whispering his favorite word. , “Draconis.” , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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Chapter end

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