A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 14: That Time I Left Her Room

Chapter 14: That Time I Left Her Room

Old man Xumi laughed, “My origin remained in this space of divine senses for the sake of the arrival of this space’s owner. Reincarnated for thousands of generations, through different times and space, my original spirit has long been slowly exhausted. To be able to remain up until now, for the time you appear, I’m very satisfied.”, Hexi lifted up her face and gazed into the old man’s eyes, her expression still full of cautiousness and disaffection. However, all she could see was a pair of eyes full of benevolent kindness and hope, eyes that held a prayer and blessing, without a trace of scheming, making her cold and hard heart slightly moved., “This space was made from refining my spiritual body. These past millions years, in order to look for the space’s owner, I’ve let many people become its carrier, but you are actually the only person that has been able to make it upgrade. However, what you see now is merely just a small part of this space.”, Hexi suddenly recalled that when in her past life, this space’s assistance had always saved her, so regardless of whether or not its existence was being used to be take advantage of her or for scheming, this assistance rendered was nevertheless real. She looked towards old man Xumi’s eyes and couldn’t help but feel somewhat grateful., Old man Xumi laughed slightly when seeing her eyes become more gentle, “Hexi, wait until after your cultivation base has advanced. You will then see this space’s true appearance, that is the real paradise, an equipped magic item that could cause all people in the cultivation world to rush like ducks.”, With her nature, when she heard these words, her mood surged, unconsciously imagining her future circumstances., However, very quickly she awoke from her beautiful dream. After all, she didn’t have unconditional strength, even if she had many magic items she would be just like an ordinary person that treasured a jade ring till it becomes a crime1., She pointed at the huge egg, “Then what is that?”, “Cough…that is the ancient Origin Spirit and being sealed now.” Old man Xumi solemnly said, “The so called Origin Spirit, that is the origin of all the spirit in the world, the divinely created objects that are able to create and destroy. The two of you have already completed a life and death contract. In heart and in spirit, in life and in death, even with a Dao Heart2 or spell you can’t cut off the connection between you…”, “Wait! Wait!” Hexi couldn’t help but open her eyes wide and exclaim in surprise, “What life and death contract? Why I don’t know about it? When did this happen? Besides, this is obviously an egg, you go so far as to make me share life and death with an egg, are you joking with me?”, Moreover, what is this ancient Origin Spirit? What divinely created objects? Sounds very powerful, however, isn’t this completely like having heard but not understanding well? In the end, what kind of ghost is this?, “Mother, baby is not an egg, wu wu wu…baby is mother’s obedient baby…wu wu wu…”, Hexi suddenly felt a headache start, having no choice but to appease the baby egg again., Old man Xumi laughed, “Not so long ago, the human race, in order to obtain this life and death contract, they overturned heaven’s pillars, putting people in a terrible situation, and yet you actually feel unlucky. Hexi, little friend, you can rest assured, this Origin Spirit contract you have is a benefit and brings no harm to you, by the time you experience a life and death calamity, you will know.”, Hexi, that was appeasing the egg baby, was relieved after hearing what was said, she was not too surprised, and only faintly laughed., This is not to say Hexi was indifferent to this treasure, but if common people were to look at the huge egg’s benefits arranged in front of their eyes, they would flock and fight over it, unaware that there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Receiving such a big benefit, she must undertake many responsibilities, how could there be any pure benefits in this world?, 1An idiom meaning to get into trouble on account of a cherished item., 2Dao-heart (道心 dàoxīn) – the heart’s path. Dao (道) can mean “path/road”, and Heart (心) can also mean “mind/core”. So a person’s Dao Heart is the direction they want to move in and what they truly desire from life, deep down in the core of their being.

Chapter end

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