A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 9 Level Hunting

Chapter 9 Level Hunting

Archer lay on the ground, watching in awe as his injured arm miraculously healed itself. The pain was excruciating, nearly causing him to faint several times, but he persevered. , Recalling that he needed to gather the hearts of the wild dogs and visit the old man at the farm to collect his reward of 80 silver, Archer finally decided to get up. He took out his knife and began looting the area. , An hour later, he had finished collecting everything and stored it in his Item Box. He remembered the small cub that the dogs had been circling. , Upon searching the surroundings, he found no trace of it. “It must have escaped when it had the chance,” he thought, choosing not to dwell on it at the moment. , During the fight, Archer experienced the exhilarating sensation of leveling up. He retrieved a heart from his item box and consumed it, followed by devouring the remaining 22 hearts one after another. , “Burp!” he exclaimed, feeling completely stuffed. He decided to relax in the clearing, finding a log to sit on while checking his status. , “Status.” , Experience: 100/1000 Level Up: 8 > 13 SP: 32 Mana: 920/1180 , Archer was surprised by how quickly he had leveled up, but he anticipated that as he progressed further, leveling up would become slower. , In total, he had gained 4750 experience points from killing the goblins earlier, completing the wild dog quest, and consuming the hearts. , This comprised 1050 experience from goblins, 1500 from wild dogs, and 2200 from eating the hearts. , With the level up, he distributed his stat points accordingly. He allocated 9 points each to HP and Mana, 4 points each to Strength and Constitution, and 2 points to each of the other stats. , HP: 300 > 390 Mana: 1180 > 1450 Strength: 105 > 145 Constitution: 80 > 120 Stamina: 110 > 130 Charisma: 300 > 320 Intelligence: 110 > 130 , As soon as his arm had fully healed, Archer rose from the log. He made his way towards the old man’s farm, a journey that took him a couple of hours. , Stepping out of the forest, he noticed that it was already afternoon and proceeded toward the distant farm. , Approaching the door, he knocked. , “Knock! Knock! Knock!” , Footsteps were heard from the other side, and a young woman with green hair and bright blue eyes opened the door, looking bewildered. , “Um, excuse me? How can we help you?” she asked with a puzzled expression. , Archer glanced at the girl and replied, “I’m here to see your father for the reward. The wild dogs have been dealt with.” , The girl’s eyes widened, and she quickly darted back into the house. In less than two minutes, the old man emerged, his eyes narrowed. , “Oh, so you’re not dead, boy. And where’s the proof of their demise?” , “Ah, yes. I’ve come to haunt you from beyond the grave! Hahahaha,” Archer sarcastically remarked. He then presented the old man with the body of a wild dog as evidence before putting it away again. The old man seemed satisfied and nodded. , Archer looked back up at the old man and laughed before sarcastically saying, “Of course, I’m still alive, old man. I’ve shown you the proof. Where’s my silver?” , The old man appeared shocked for a moment before shaking his head and tossing a pouch to Archer. , “Here, boy. Well done.” , “Ching!” Archer caught the pouch and stowed it away in his Item Box. He bid farewell to the old man, saying, “Goodbye, old man.” , Archer then began walking back toward the forest entrance, a simple road leading from Vassia City. He scanned the area for a tall tree that would provide a vantage point overlooking the road. Spotting a magnificent tree, he climbed it like a monkey and settled on a sturdy branch, patiently awaiting the arrival of Talila and her group. , While he waited, he found himself lost in his thoughts, experiencing a flashback of the previous Archer’s earlier life. , Flashback , It’s no secret that he was loved and cared for as a newborn, but as he grew, and showed no interest in fighting or hunting. , when they discovered this they started to shun and bully him, his mother Larka started to ignore him and turn a blind eye to the beatings he took. , He hid away in the library and read, the only person he only ever opened up to anyone was Ella. , For Archer, he had to fight a jungle lynx, which wasn’t strong but quick. Once the fight started, he managed to block a few hits but the cat was too quick and the beast slashed him across the face. , It sent him flying backward and hitting his head hard forcing his father to get involved, slaying the beast in Archer’s stead. , From that day onwards the bullying got even worse, his siblings started to hurt him while his mothers did nothing to stop it. , Half a year after the fight he became more ill, he kept blacking out and had nosebleeds and dizziness. , One day he fell into a deep coma and no one knew what had happened to him so he was left to his own devices. Weeks passed as Ella cared for him by feeding and cleaning him. , When he passed away, Archer (Earth) transmigrated and inherited his scattered memories, emotions, and pain. Each day, new memories emerged and were being organized. , Flashback over 𝘪.𝑐ℴ𝘮, ROAR!~ , Archer was abruptly awakened by a loud roar. He scanned his surroundings but couldn’t spot anything, so he got up and stretched his arms. , The roar echoed again, making him swiftly leap off the branch and land with a thud. His senses heightened, and he swiftly turned around to face a massive tail swinging toward him. , Reacting swiftly, he raised his hands to shield himself from the incoming attack. Bang! Archer was forcefully flung in the opposite direction, crashing into a sturdy tree trunk. , Lying on the ground, his mind scrambled and his body aching, Archer managed to lift his gaze and observe a creature resembling a dinosaur, but with notable differences. , “A freaking dinosaur!” he exclaimed. , This creature seemed more agile than its Earth counterpart, boasting elongated legs and lighter armor. It charged at him, but Archer skillfully evaded with a Thunder Step. , “Thunder Step,” he muttered. , In an instant, Archer vanished from his original position and reappeared right behind the beast. Seizing the opportunity, he unleashed two powerful Void Blasts at it. , “Void Blast.” .𝒎, BOOM! BOOM! The blasts struck the creature, halting its advance in its tracks. Before it could charge once more, Archer invoked Cosmic Sword and lunged toward it. , “Cosmic Sword.” , Swiftly dodging its charge, Archer sliced through the creature’s flesh, causing blood to spurt out. The beast collapsed lifelessly to the ground. , Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Archer inspected the dinosaur-like creature that had attacked him out of nowhere. He approached it, dismissing his Cosmic Sword, and retrieved his knife from his item box. , Extracting the creature’s heart, he examined it. It was the largest he had encountered thus far, prompting him to devour it. , After five minutes, the heart was completely consumed, and Archer checked his status. , Experience: 800/1000 , SP: 0>1 , Archer gained 600 experience points from defeating the dinosaur creature and an additional 100 experience points from consuming its heart. He was close to leveling up again when he heard a familiar voice from behind. , “What are you doing, boy?” Talila’s voice rang out. , Archer turned around and saw Talila smiling at him. He returned the smile and replied, “Some strange beast attacked me unexpectedly.” , Talila nodded and introduced her companions who had joined her. , “The lion Demi-human over there is Darius, the two knights are Radyn and Feyra, the healer is Cecelia, and the mage is Novius.” , As Archer observed them, he noticed that the twins looked fatigued, the healer was perspiring, and the big guy seemed unaffected by the recent events. The Demi-human appeared on the verge of falling asleep at any moment. Talila, however, seemed completely normal, without any signs of having fought a camp full of goblins. , “Archer,” Talila addressed him. , All of them turned their attention to the blood-soaked boy, prompting the mage to inquire, “Why are you covered in even more blood now?” , Archer glanced down at his body, realizing that he was indeed drenched in blood once again. He chuckled and explained, “Well, things got a bit messy. Hehe.” , Everyone stared at Archer, disturbed by his eerie laugh and wondering what was going on in his mind. It was the mage who approached him. , “Little guy, would you like to learn the Cleanse spell?” he asked. , Archer stared at the man blankly, causing everyone to feel uneasy, before responding, “Yes, please.” , Before Novius could teach Archer the spell, Talila interjected, “Let’s do it on the way. We’ll return to the city before it gets dark.” , The group walked back to the city for an hour without encountering any further obstacles. Novius swiftly taught Archer the Cleanse spell, leaving the bald mage astonished by the boy’s quick grasp of it. Archer cast the spell as they walked. , “Cleanse.” , A gentle breeze swept over Archer, cleansing his body and clothes of all the blood and dirt. Feeling refreshed, he smiled and thanked Novius, saying, “Thank you for teaching me, Novius.” , The mage nodded and replied, “You’re welcome, little guy. You learned faster than I expected.” , Cleanse spell learned , After learning the spell, Archer caught up with Talila and began conversing with her. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, 𝑖𝘦.𝑐𝘰𝘮

Chapter end

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