Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 409

Chapter 409


Rumble, rumble~

The nest began to tremble.

Daedalus looked down.

In the deepest part of this land.

His teammates were being buried.

"...It's done."

No matter how magnificent his teammates might be below him, his opponent was Ubbo-Sathla. Despite deceiving them with a replica, this nest was not an easy place to enter without proper preparation and survive.


Daedalus turned around.

There was nothing more to do by staying here.

But at that moment.

"Why did you do it?"

A shiver ran down Daedalus' spine.

From beneath Daedalus's feet, a stone pillar rose to protect him. It was to shield himself from someone emitting a presence from behind.

But as if mocking it...


The stone pillar, as hard as steel, was cut as easily as if it were butter.



The wall split and collapsed to the sides.

Behind it, Daedalus saw a face he never expected.

"Sus... Susa..."


Daedalus swallowed hard.


-There aren't many like you who are weak and survive after meeting me. You're a lucky guy.

Susanoo. Although he disappeared a long time ago, he was recognized as one of the Three Precious Children and was evaluated to be ranked among the top 10 if he were still alive.

However, seeing Susanoo here was incomprehensible to Daedalus' common sense.

Disappearing from the rankings meant death.

The Administration wouldn't make such an absurd mistake...

"No way... Not dead...?"

-What I hate the most is guys like you.

Susanoo had no intention of answering Daedalus' questions.

Instead, he looked at Daedalus as if he were an insect.

This situation right now.

It didn't feel so strange.

Amaterasu's actions, who attacked him from behind. The way he acted and Daedalus' appearance in front of him overlapped.

"I'm not very curious, but I'll ask..."

Daedalus hesitated and stepped back.

Despite the tense atmosphere, he had to get out of here somehow.

As Susanoo had just said, surviving after facing him was lucky.

'I have to escape before it all ends...'


The moment he took a step and moved his feet...


Susanoo appeared next to Daedalus.

"Why did you do that?"


Daedalus, who had lost both legs, screamed. Susanoo continued as he watched Daedalus, who had fallen to the ground and struggled.

"Tell me. Why did you betray your comrades?"

Of course, Susanoo had no intention of letting Daedalus go.

He cut off his legs first to ensure he couldn't escape. It was a tactic Susanoo used when he needed to extract information from someone.

"Please, please... forgive me."

"I have no intention of forgiving you. Instead, I will let you go without pain."

Kusanagi moved.


Daedalus's eyes widened as if they were about to tear apart.

Right under both legs, the flesh was cut once again. Susanoo didn't kill Daedalus immediately; instead, he tore him apart slowly, cutting him into pieces.

"If your answer is delayed, I will cut off a part of your body one at a time, from your legs to your head, until you feel your head is completely detached."

It was a horrifying sound.

Anyway, there was no way to escape. But that didn't mean anyone wanted to die painfully.

Daedalus screamed, driven by the pain.

"They don't know... they don't know!"

"What don't we know?"

"Ubbo-Sathla, who he really is..."

Daedalus was a survivor who had returned from Ubbo-Sathla's nest.

In the first place, the reason this team could be formed was because Daedalus brought information about Ubbo-Sathla's nest.

"You joined the scarier side. That's it."

It was a simple story.

Ubbo-Sathla was so terrifying that Daedalus betrayed his comrades. There were always one or two bats who joined the winning side.


Susanoo's sword tip was directed at Daedalus's head.

"Then, speak. Who is Ubbo-Sathla?"

"He is... uh..."

Daedalus's body twisted as if he were suffering.

Daedalus's pupils, which were writhing as if in pain, lost their focus. And in an instant, Daedalus's body turned into liquid and melted into the ground.


The body spread and dripped along the floor.

There was no time to react.


Susanoo stepped on Daedalus's liquefied body.

"It seems he had a prohibition."

It seemed Ubbo-Sathla had taken measures to prevent information about him from leaking.

"Well, it doesn't matter."


Susanoo sheathed his sword again.

He didn't get adequate information about Ubbo-Sathla, but that didn't matter.

After all, his primary role was to eliminate Daedalus if he turned out to be a traitor and, if possible, discover the reason for his betrayal.

Actually, the most important information was the least priority.


"Anyway, the Master comes from the future."

Yu Won knew more about Ubbo-Sathla than Daedalus.

"Well, now that the fun part is over..."


Susanoo began to gradually fade away.

"It's time to run errands."



A Lightning Bolt shot out from YuWon's hand and filled the passage of the nest before spreading.

The tentacles of the Outers swirling towards them burned to a crisp.

"They're coming more!"ll new stries at n0ve/lbi/(.)cm

"I'll take care of the opposite side."

"Don't move. Let me..."

"Asura, don't lose your post."

It was a real battlefield.

[You have eliminated the traitor 'Daedalus']

[You have identified two traitors]

[The mission 'Assassination of Ubbo-Sathla' has returned to normal]

[The first trial has ended]

[You have obtained the title 'The Rival from the Other World']

[Do you wish to continue with the Trial?]

Siegfried was one of the roots of Ubbo-Sathla. And Daedalus, who put his comrades in danger with false information and a simulated dungeon.

YuWon had identified two traitors. That meant Susanoo, who was outside, had taken care of Daedalus.

Two options presented themselves.

Continue the Trial or stop here?

The Divine Status that could be obtained in this Trial would vary depending on its results. To get the Divine Status they hoped for, a suitable result had to be achieved for someone called 'The Rival from the Other World.'

"I continue."

[You will continue with the Trial.]

"Kim YuWon!"

Along with the message, Hercules's voice was heard.


It was at that moment when the tentacles of the Outers approached so closely that it would be difficult to react...


The tentacles reaching towards them exploded. It was the result of an impact from the inside rather than from the outside.

"What are you waiting for?"

Kali was the one who assisted YuWon.

"Get your senses back."

"It doesn't matter. Let's finish this quickly."


The tentacles that exploded under Hercules's punch fell to the ground.

In the time YuWon checked the message, the Outers who had gathered in large numbers calmed down. The Lion King who had been at the forefront, defending them, was breathing heavily as if he were exhausted.

"Damn it... Daedalus, just wait for me to get out of here."

"Then get out of the way."

"What are you going to do?"

"We'll create a passage that reaches the surface."


Hercules struck the ground with his foot.

"First, let's get out of here."

A solid body like a rock. At the same time, his muscles began to swell.

Creak, creak...

So began the transformation into a Giant.


Hercules, who had risen with all his might after hitting the ground he stood on, raised his fist towards the ceiling.



The force emanating from Hercules's punch shook the entire nest through the roof. The team members braced for an imminent collapsed roof due to the ground vibration, as if it were an earthquake.


"What happened?"

What they expected didn't happen.

The roof was intact.

The roof was intact, without even a slight tremor after Hercules's punch, despite the fact that it was said there was nothing in this world that he couldn't destroy with just his two fists.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Even if it's not Daedalus's dungeon, this is too resilient..."


It was then...

When the red magic started to flicker, and a sharp sword extended.

Asura's sword was imbued with Arcane Power. He was trying to cut the roof that Hercules couldn't break.

But the roof he was trying to cut...


Was blocked by YuWon's hand.

"Do you think I can't cut it?"

"You can't. This is not the ground we know."


"Daedalus didn't design this Dungeon. He transferred us to Ubbo-Sathla's nest."

"...So, this is really Ubbo-Sathla's nest."

Everyone had somehow anticipated it.

The ever-increasing number of Outers and the overwhelming sense of reality emanating from them.

Although Daedalus was an exceptional designer, it was impossible for him to carry out such an implementation.

"Still, we can't give up without trying at least once."

Asura was Asura.

He decided to take on the task that Hercules couldn't accomplish.


"Didn't I say before? That we could fight whatever we want."


YuWon's words made Asura halt.

"What are you saying?"

"There's no need to waste energy trying to pierce the roof. Instead, we'll attack this nest."

"Kim YuWon...!"

Hercules protested.

The situation was already confusing. Originally, the plan to capture Ubbo-Sathla originated from the information Daedalus brought. But with Daedalus's betrayal, all the information he had brought became an enigma.

Furthermore, even Siegfried, who played a crucial role in the team, had also disappeared.

"At this moment, the first thing is to escape. We can't confront Ubbo-Sathla in this situation."

"No, we can do it."

"You can't do it without information."

"The information is in my hands."


Hercules, who didn't understand what he was talking about, then thought of the Clock Movement and asked.

"Have you faced this situation before?"

"I didn't know Daedalus was a traitor. In the future, we attacked the wrong Dungeon without knowing the correct design."

The change in the future was probably due to YuWon interfering with Daedalus's design. Daedalus, instead of completely changing his design, changed his plan to throw the team into the nest without any preparation.

"We failed at that time, but this time it will be different."

"What's different now?"

"There is a method of attack."


After Foolish Chaos, it was the hardest to attack among the Outer Gods.

YuWon recalled the failed operation at that time when Asura lost his mind and Hercules lost an arm and spoke.

"Let's capture Ubbo-Sathla here."

It was the beginning of a full-on assault on the nest.


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