Mutated Tao – Chapter 100: Yang Xiaohai

Chapter 100: Yang Xiaohai

Yang Xiaohai groggily opened his eyes when he saw the sunlight coming in from the paper windows. Then he got out of his blankets and started wearing his clothes.


He pushed open the door to the kitchen and stared at the water in the water jar. Feeling that it wasnt enough, he picked up a shoulder pole and two buckets before heading out.

My Senior Brothers and Sisters will need water to wash up after they wake, and I also need to cook congee today, so that amount of water wouldnt have been enough, muttered Yang Xiaohai.

As someone who used to be an assistant within the Zephyr Temple, even though Yang Xiaohai was only ten years old, he could do every household chore, including sewing, washing, cooking, and repairing clothes. He even knew the medicinal properties of some of the ingredients that were used to refine pills.

He was forced to learn all of these thingsif he hadnt managed to learn everything fast enough, then he wouldve been dead.

In that cave where there was no sunlight, he learned one thing and one thing only; he learned that people who were useless were nothing more than useless trash.

If his Senior Brothers and Sisters decided to leave those who were dragging them down, then they would abandon the ones who were still sleeping on the bed.

Yang Xiaohai had a secret that no one knewthe location he had provided as his home was fake. In truth, he had no home. His only wish was that they could continue their travels. Then, at least he would always be able to have something to eat.

He was different compared to the others. Most of those within the Zephyr temple were either sold or abducted; however, he had gone there willingly just because someone told him that he would be provided meals over there.

When he walked out, Yang Xiaohai greeted the Senior Sister practicing the sword in front of him. Good morning, Senior Sister.

However, Chun Xiaoman ignored him as she continued to study the blade.REad updated stries at n//vel/bin(.)com

Yang Xiaohai did not get offended. He was already used to her demeanor. This Senior Sister of his who was covered in strands of black hair was always busy studying the blade. The only exceptions were when she was eating or sleeping.

Yang Xiaohai walked alone on a path as the morning fog accompanied him. The grass was wet with dew.

I wonder if I can ask Senior Sister to teach me the ways of the sword? Once I master the sword, at the very least, no one would dare bully me when I once again become a beggar. But would she agree to it? Shes usually quite indifferent.

He thought about it as he arrived at the villages small pond and took some water.

Just then, a large black shadow appeared from within the fog, startling him.

However, he soon saw that it was a group of people. They were wearing ragged clothes while their faces were black. They were beggars. At one point, he used to be one of them as well.

When he saw them sniveling, Yang Xiaohai deduced that they mustve had to sleep without a fire last night.

Meanwhile, the group of beggars was surprised to see Yang Xiaohai as well.

After both parties confirmed that each other to be indeed living people, the group of beggars pushed forward one of the younger beggars to collect some water.

The child was hesitant and didnt dare to speak.

Just when the other child was about to head back after collecting water, one of the older beggars walked over and pushed the child beggar down before bowing toward Yang Xiaohai and asking politely, Young brother, may I ask if this is the Wu family village?

The people you seek are not here. Everything has been abandoned here. There is nothing left, replied Yang Xiaohai.

Yang Xiaohais words caused them to get even more agitated as their noses became redder. One of the old beggars pointed at the surroundings with his fingers and asked, The houses and the land here, its all abandoned?

However, Yang Xiaohai was no longer interested in talking with them, especially to the beggar that had pushed the child down. He turned and left.

Back in the kitchen, he poured the water from the bucket into the water jar. Then, he wiped the sweat on his forehead, picked up the pole and buckets, and headed back outside; it was a very large water jar so he would need to make multiple trips.

When he came back, he saw the beggars were rummaging through the empty houses.

However, he knew that they wouldnt be finding anything valuable inside. All the valuables had long since been taken away by the people who left. If anything had been left behind by them, then Puppy and the rest wouldve taken it.

But beggars could not be choosers. They would even celebrate finding torn clothing.

When Yang Xiaohai came out for the third time, he saw that the beggars were fighting amongst each other. He wasnt sure what they were fighting for.

Dont live here. Its an ominous place. Something might happen to you! Yang Xiaohai shouted toward the beggars, to no avail.

After the fourth trip, Yang Xiaohai was so tired that his face was pale. Still, he pushed on and walked back to the courtyard. Once inside, he placed the pole down and caught his breath. He was waiting for something.

It was only after he heard footsteps that Yang Xiaohai picked up the pole and walked back inside.

Soon, the pole-carrying Yang Xiaohai got into contact with the rest of his Senior Brothers and Sisters. Good morning, Senior Brother Cao Cao.

Hey, why are you the one filling up the water jar? You are good at household chores, so you should leave this kind of physical labor to Simpleton. Puppy patted Yang Xiaohais head and walked out.

Senior brother Cao Cao, the congee is cooking in the pot. We can eat soon, Yang Xiaohai shouted toward Puppys back.

Alright, I will go and wake up Simpleton, said Puppy.

By the time sunlight was shining into the courtyard, everyone had already gathered in the dining hall.

Their breakfast consisted of simple congee with some preserved vegetables that Puppy found within an underground basement in the village. They even ate their own rations and guokui. There were also two eggs in a bowl.

However, none of them began to eat; it was as if they were waiting for something.

Just then, Xiaoman, who had been practicing with the blade in the courtyard, walked in. Puppy asked her playfully, Senior sister, how was your training? Youve been training very consistently. Once you master it, you can teach us as well.

Not too bad; at the very least, Im not swinging it blindly anymore. The bodyguard from the courier service told me that theres no shortcutonly through training can one master the blade. Ive also made two bamboo swords. After our meal you can come and practice with me, replied Xiaoman.

Hearing this, Puppys face instantly turned bitter.

Meanwhile, Xiaoman hung her sword onto the wall and sat down at the table, joining the others as they waited for something.

Soon, the stench of blood filled the air as footsteps rang out. Yang Xiaohai instinctively lowered his head, not daring to look in the direction of the footsteps.

It was none other than Li Huowang.

He knew that Senior Li would not harm him. In fact, he was taken in by Li Huowang. Even so, he was afraid of Li Huowang, especially after everything that had happened on their journey so far.

Bai Lingmiao carefully supported Li Huowang until he sat at the front of the table. Only after he started eating did everyone else join in.

Even Li Huowang did not know when this rule had come to pass.

Halfway through their meal, the sound of saliva being swallowed was heard. A few beggars were standing outside and staring at them as they ate their meal.

Why are there still beggars? I thought the village had become empty, asked Li Huowang.

Hearing this, Yang Xiaohai stood up nervously and told him everything that he knew about the beggars.

Hoho, looks like their information network is quite efficient, to the point that they even knew that this place had been vacated. But dont you think staying at the place that the Eighteenth Lunar once used as its feeding ground would be quite unlucky? Ive eaten enough, you guys can continue on, said Li Huowang, standing up.

Chacha and Char's Thoughts

Ah, a world-building chapter. It's nice to have an assistant's perspective this time.

Chapter end

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