Mutated Tao – Chapter 5: Pills

Chapter 5: Pills

Currently, Dan Yangzi did not know about what Li Huowang was thinking, and he wouldnt care even if he knew. He just continued to lecture his terrified disciples.Explore new ovels on novelbi(.)com

Remember what you have seen today, lest any of you harbor any ill intentions!

Dan Yangzis words made everyones hearts shiver, the fear in their eyes clear as day.

With his hands behind his back, Dan Yangzi paced around in front of his disciples, his eagle-like gaze scanning their faces.

"Listen carefully. Assisting others in becoming an Immortal is a great honor. If and when I become an Immortal, I will not forget your contributions. But for anyone who tries to ruin my plans, there will be dire consequences! Hmph!"

He suddenly stopped in front of Li Huowang, fixing his gaze on this young man whose face had a slightly different expression from the others.

You are just a figment of my imagination, so why should I be afraid of you? Li Huowang thought, calmly locking eyes with his Baldy Master.

The atmosphere in the cave became tense as Dan Yangzi raised his right hand, revealing his nails that were caked with dirt. The pitiful gazes of the other disciples locked onto their fellow disciple who had dared to provoke their master, waiting to see how he would be dealt with.

Unexpectedly, Dan Yangzis expression softened. He raised his right hand and patted Li Huowangs head, dispelling the tense atmosphere.

"Last night, when those traitors invited you to leave with them, why didnt you go?"

While this seemed to be a question directed toward Li Huowang, it was thinly veiled praise.

Just as Li Huowang was about to respond, he saw Dan Yangzi raise his right hand.

"No need for words. Although you didnt report to me in a timely fashion, compared to those traitors, you did quite well."

Dan Yangzi lowered his hand and continued, "I can see that you have talent. From now on, you dont need to work in the Preparation Room. You will now be my official disciple."

Li Huowang was taken aback; his status was suddenly being elevated? But he soon realized that with the loss of so many people in the cave, Dan Yangzi was probably short on helpers.

"Since you are now an official disciple and have entered the sect, you need to have a Taoist name. Hmm Your Taoist name will be Xuan Yang."

Li Huowang glanced at the circular hole in the corner, recalling the tragic end of the previous Xuan Yang.

Hmm, this name is really inauspicious.

Though Li Huowang couldnt care much about this sudden preferential treatment, the others from the Preparation Room were very envious; becoming Dan Yangzis official disciple meant that he wouldnt be killed.

Dan Yangzi knew that he needed to offer some more rewards to keep them hooked. "Xuan Yang, since you have just joined our sect, Ill show you some goodwill."

Upon hearing this, Li Huowang quickly walked up to Dan Yangzi, expecting to receive something.

From the gourd on his waist, Dan Yangzi poured out five dark pills and placed them in Li Huowangs palm.

"Keep them well. These five pills are divine pills refined by me. When you eat them, not only will they increase your lifespan by ten years, they will also temporarily grant you a huge boost in strength, allowing you to protect yourself."

Li Huowangs brows creased into a frown as the pills were placed before him.

Could these things possibly be made using people as well?

Just as he had this thought, he noticed one of the pills roll slightly. It changed from a circular to an oval shape, almost as if something was struggling to emerge from it.

However, when he focused his eyes to take a closer look, he found that the pill had not changed at all.

Damn, am I going crazy? Why do I even care about the things I encounter in this hallucination? Its all fake, and I absolutely cannot get caught up in it again.

Frustrated, Li Huowang slapped his own head.

Meanwhile, Dan Yangzi just ignored Li Huowangs reaction and turned toward the remaining disciples. "See that? Going against me means death. But you will be handsomely rewarded as long as you help me!"

Everyone looked alternatingly between Dan Yangzi and the pills. At this moment, all of them were lost in their own thoughts.

Seeing that he had managed to achieve his objective, Dan Yangzi waved his filthy sleeves, signaling for everyone to disperse and continue with their work.

Li Huowang no longer needed to go to the Preparation Room. His Taoist name was Xuan Yang, meaning that he now owned everything that belonged to the previous Xuan Yang his status, his Taoist robe, and even the small but unique cave.

However at this moment, he couldnt care less about anything that was happening in the hallucination.

He was much more concerned about his gains.

Now with his hands crossed, Li Huowang looked at the two items placed on the white hospital bedsheetthe jade pendant and the pills.

"My gosh, I actually brought both of them out."

But now, he had a dilemma. The old problem that he had been ignoring resurfaced, and now he had to confront it.

If I take these pills out of there, and they actually work, does it mean that it is not a hallucination, but a real place? What is happening to me?

He had faithfully followed the doctors advice and firmly treated everything there as a hallucination. But now that these things were physically appearing before him, he felt conflicted.

If all that really had been a hallucination, then how did these things become tangible? What risks do they pose to me?

If that place really was another world

The horrifying imagery of the mentally challenged disciple being ground into a paste and used in the concoction of a pill, Xuan Yang being swallowed by the creature inside the black cauldron, as well as many other scenes flashed through his mind, causing his breathing to become more rapid.

Ah! So annoying! I dont even have anyone I can discuss this with.

Feeling exasperated, Li Huowang scratched his head.

After venting his emotions for a while, Li Huowang still had to come face to face with reality. After a long period of contemplation, he determined his next course of action.

Whether it was real or fake, inside the hallucination, he would continue to act like usual, treating it as if it were real. If by any chance it was all real, this would ensure his safety, and if it turns out to be fake after all, then there was no harm in it of itself.

For now, before he made any further plans, he would need to verify the authenticity and the value of the objects he had acquired.

Having made his decision, Li Huowang took a deep breath and picked up one of the pills with his index finger and thumb.

No, its too dangerous to take this myself.

His gaze then shifted to the patients enjoying the sun in the garden outside.

After a brief internal struggle, he dejectedly put the pill down. They were just as unfortunate as him, so how could he possibly use them as his test subjects? He would need to get his hands on a guinea pig later.

Then, Li Huowang turned his gaze toward the circular jade pendant. Compared to the pills, dealing with this item would be much easier.

"Alright, what do you want? I went to great lengths to be able to sneak out for your sake. If its a prank, then hmph!" Yang Na clenched her small and white fist, threatening Li Huowang.

Yang Na, I only called you here for help as a last resort. You know that I cant get out of here," Li Huowang said while walking to the wards door to close it. Then, he also drew the curtains.

Chacha and Chars Thoughts

Hmm I have a really bad feeling that live humans were used to refine those pills

Also, heres a fanart of Li Huowang, drawn by the talented @ on Douyin!

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