Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 130: I Finally Found You

Chapter 130: I Finally Found You

"It should be here..."

Haru led his people around in a large circle, avoiding all sight. Finally, he determined the location of this place according to the coordinates left in the notebook.

In fact, he was not very sure at first until he found the exclusive Flying Thunder God technique left behind by Tobirama under a rock.

"Let's find the entrance. The base should be down there."

Kagami nodded, then randomly found a direction and began to search nearby.

Kushina, who was still a little afraid and did not speak much, timidly followed behind Haru like a little tail.

It was not that she didn't want to run, but she didn't know where to go even if she ran away.

When she was six years old, Uzushiogakure was destroyed, and Uzumaki Clan became history.

Then when she had nowhere to go, Konoha's people found her, confirmed her identity as Uzumaki Clan, and brought her back to Konoha.

It was hard for a little girl who was only six years old to adapt to the sudden change of environment, especially when some people bullied her because of her red hair.

But four years later, she gradually began to get used to the life of Konoha.

But when she graduated from the Ninja School, everything changed again.

First, she was sent to the side of Granny Mito as the new Jinchuriki and sealed Kyuubi in her own body.

Only then did Kushina know why Konoha's people brought her back and nurtured her.

She was very afraid, but Granny Mito was a good person. She had been guiding her all the time, telling her not to be afraid, face it calmly, and fill her heart with love.

After that, she didn't know what had happened. A handsome big brother came, and then granny Mito fell asleep. She also fainted.

When she woke up again, she had already left Konoha, and it's become the current situation.

She didn't know where she would be taken to, and she also didn't know if she should go back to Konoha if she had the chance to escape.

At this time, Kushina was very confused.

After a while, Kagami found a way to open the entrance, and then they walked down the stairs.

"It seems that this place has been abandoned for a long time."

After coming down, Kagami first touched the wall and then squatted down to touch the dust on the ground.

Haru raised the torch and nodded. His heart inevitably sank. Was he wrong?

"Let's go in and take a look."

Haru was not worried that there was any danger here. He directly led the way in front.

Because of the environment here, Kushina, who was very afraid, hurriedly ran after them. Kagami was responsible for guarding the back.

As they walked, they finally arrived at the core hall of this secret base.

There were many bottles and jars that Haru could not recognize and some mechanical equipment. There were also several large jars that reached the ceiling at the corner of the wall. He did not know what they were holding.

However, what really made Haru stop was a cylindrical, transparent nutrition cabin placed in the middle of the room.

Countless tubes were connected to it. It was unknown how many years had passed, but they were still maintaining function.

Inside stood a man with his eyes closed.

"Lord Tobirama"

Kagami blurted out in shock.

Lord Tobirama, who had disappeared for 18 years, had actually not died but had been here the whole time.

The shock in Haru's heart was no less than Kagami's. He immediately walked forward and gently placed his hand on the glass wall of the nutrition cabin, slowly sensing it.

Tobirama was indeed still alive!

Although the life fluctuations had become extremely weak,

However, under his perception, Tobirama was still tenaciously surviving.

But what was going on?

After Haru withdrew his hand, he suddenly thought of the notebook that Shui Hu had left for him.

Previously, he had only glanced at it in a hurry before flipping to the end to look for the place on the coordinates.

But now, he had unexpectedly found Tobirama. Perhaps there was still some information that he had missed previously.

Thus, Haru began to flip through the notebook that Tobirama had left behind seriously.

During this process, Kagami did not disturb Haru because Kagami had also discovered the abnormal situation of Lord Tobirama.

After looking through it three times, Haru began to frown and think.

To put it bluntly, this notebook was a record of the treatment method that Tobirama had formulated for his bloodline's latent dangers.

Many treatment methods on it were proposed by Tobirama himself, and then he denied them himself.

In the end, Tobirama made a hypothesis, trying to implant a small amount of Hashirama's cells into his body and then slowly cultivate them with large amounts of nutrient fluids to reach a balance point so that the bloodline of Senju and Uchiha could be perfectly fused.

Tobirama himself was not sure if this would succeed.

He had only accidentally discovered that Hashirama's cells could suppress Sharingan's spiritual energy in an experiment.

Of course, these cells used for research were all taken out by Hashirama at the beginning.

Yes, Tobirama also sold it for a good price.

Although the success of this plan was uncertain, and he still needed to carry out experiments, Tobirama had already started to prepare at that time.

The huge jars that Haru saw were all filled with high-concentration nutrient fluids. It was more than enough to nurture Hashirama's cells.

In addition, there were a lot of other messy things.

Therefore, according to the situation at the scene, Haru began to speculate. ALL new hapters n nv()lbin(.)com

It was very likely that Tobirama had used Flying Thunder God to run here at the last moment and then tried to use the things here to save himself.

However, for some reason, he did not fail to save himself, but he did not succeed either.

Therefore, relying on this large amount of nutrient solution reserves to maintain the most basic bodily functions, he slept for a full 18 years and was unable to wake up again in the middle.

But what could they do now that they knew?

Haru and Kagami did not understand these things at all, and they did not understand how Tobirama's physical condition was right now.

If they rashly brought him out of it, it might lead to a disaster.

But it was not good to just let it go. After 18 years, it was already a miracle that these machines could still operate normally. Maybe it would break one day, and they had no idea what energy they were using.

There was also the nutrient solution in reserve. When Haru took a look just now, he had basically seen the bottom.

If not for the fact that Tobirama had always been in a state of suspended animation, and the amount of nutrient solution consumed was extremely small, he would probably not have been able to wait for them to find him.

This was already considered a blessing amid misfortune!

Therefore, what he needed to do now was to find a way to replenish the nutrient solution first and then find someone to save Tobirama.

Haru almost immediately thought of two people!


And Orochimaru!

He was extremely assured about the former.

However, Orochimaru's words were undoubtedly a double-edged sword. Whether he should find Orochimaru or not, he still had to think about it carefully.

"I really don't know if Tsunade can handle these messy things," Haru muttered with a headache.

Chapter end

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