Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 53: Unspeakable Aburame Clan

Chapter 53: Unspeakable Aburame Clan

My name is Senju Haru, and I'm a person with connections.

Today, I became an arrogant hedonistic son of rich parents. My left hand held the 'Devil Dog', my right hand held the 'Devil Beauty', and the 'Devil Servant' beside me opened the way. The villagers are also very 'afraid' of me.

But I'm not happy at all. Perhaps I can try to be a funny artist...


Kicking away the stone in front of him, Haru rubbed his somewhat numb face.

"Boss, what happened to you? Who made you angry?" Hyuga Tokugawa asked.

Haru glanced at him, feeling sad for himself.

Looking at his subordinates, they were neither members of Akatsuki nor some elite ninjas.

Every day, apart from eating and sleeping, he only knew how to fight. He was so f*cking tired that he could not relieve his worries at all.

Could it be that this was hinting at him... that five of them wouldn't do?

The Level 5 stone man, Haru, who had a strong flash, said in a bored tone, "Shima, do you think we haven't arrived at that place yet? We won't make it back in time to eat dinner."

Aburame Shima, who had wrapped himself tightly, immediately said, "That's right in front. In fact, you can go directly to my house to eat later..."

'Mom will be very happy to see me bring so many friends home.'

The last sentence was not said out loud. CHCk for ew stries on no/v/el/bin(.)c0m

After all, the character of their clan was more or less a bit stuffy(introvert), or else he would not take the initiative to suggest coming to the territory of Aburame.

"Let's see how things go. If it's really as interesting as you say, then stay a little longer." Haru did not think too much about it.

'Where to eat doesn't matter, as long as I don't have to go back to see Tobirama's dead face. Hmph!'


Soon, everyone entered a forest under Shima's lead.

Then, a figure appeared in front of them.

"This is the territory of the Aburame clan. Without permission, it is forbidden to enter."

Seeing the person who came, Aburame Shima hurriedly came out and said, "Uncle Inui, it's me. I want to bring my friends in to play for a while, okay?"

Aburame Inui, who was almost dressed, finally smiled when he saw him.

Moreover, the 'small group' that Shima was in had also been heard by the clan. They were all children of the other big families and knew everything.

In addition, this place could only be considered the outer area of the territory that Aburame's clan used to cultivate the parasites. It did not involve any core secrets, so Aburame Inui chose to let them go after considering it for a while.

"Since it is Shima's first time bringing a friend, then let's go in. However, the rules of the clan must not be broken. The range is limited to the outer area... You shouldn't go deeper, okay?"

"Yes, I understand the rules. Thank you, Uncle Inui."

"There's no need to thank me. However, there is a problem with a bug that I had previously determined to cultivate. If you have time, let your father help me take a look."

"No problem. When we return, I will inform father."

Aburame Inui nodded in satisfaction. Then, he gave way.

After waiting for Shima and the others to disappear from his sight, he reported this matter to the elder. Although he could make the decision to let people in, he had to bear a lot of responsibilities. Therefore, he had to go through the process to avoid any accidents.

If something really happened to these little guys in the territory of their Aburame clan, it would definitely be big trouble.


On the other side, after Shima brought people into the forest.

Haru asked with some uncertainty, "Is there really no problem? Didn't you say that this is the place your Aburame clan used to cultivate the parasites? We just came in so easily?"

Seeing that the others were also very surprised, Shima explained seriously, "As long as we don't go too deep, there is no problem. And since I brought you here, no matter what happens, I will naturally protect you... and my father will vouch for it.

"So that's how it is..."

Resisting the urge to flip his eyes, Haru still gave Shima some face.

If one had to describe it, it was probably going to travel with the group to the capital, but in the end, they only got off the car outside the tenth ring and went back after looking at the scenery.

Moreover, he could also see that the reason why the other party let them go just now was because of Shima's father.

After all, the core disciples of the various families, apart from those who had been extremely talented since childhood, the rest were all existences that were under the shade of their parents.

Probably in the Aburame clan, Shima's father's status was not low, and he also had a unique skill.

After a casual analysis, Haru also became interested.

Although he couldn't go deeper, he was still very curious about the Aburame clan. Moreover, this was something that didn't reveal much in the original work.

"Look, there are many strange insects on the trees." Hyuga Tokugawa was the first to be shocked.

As they entered the forest, Haru and the others could always find some 'surprise'.

"This thing is... a unicorn beetle?"

Haru picked up a bug that was lazily hiding under the leaves and asked with uncertainty.

The name of this thing on Earth was the Twin Rhinoceros Golden Turtle. It was a type of beetle that looked fierce but was actually very docile.

Especially the long horn on its head that looked fierce and mighty, causing it to be enthusiastically sought after by the little kids in the Rainbow Region

However, the one in Haru's hand seemed a little strange.

Upon reaching his own domain, Shima seemed to be much more confident. He said confidently, "This is a kind of hybrid insect that our clan's seniors nurtured in their free time. It doesn't have any practical value, but it has another characteristic. Therefore, we call it the Fluorescent Fairy."

"Fluorescent Fairy?"

Haru was stunned for a moment. He looked at the Single-Horned Fairy in his hand, which was different from his impression.

Just at this moment, Shima suddenly smiled...

Uh, probably laughing.

He stretched out his hand and pressed hard on the back of the Firefly Fairy with strange patterns. Then... a miracle happened!

Perhaps it felt danger. The end of the horn of the Firefly Fairy actually lit up with a faint light.

A single horn that could light up??

Haru was shocked!

If this thing were sold in the neon district on Earth, those little brats would go crazy!

As if they did not notice Haru's surprised expression, Shima said regretfully, "It's just a pity that the light of the Fluorescent Fairy is too weak. Even at night, it won't be of much use. Moreover, its lifespan has also become shorter. Probably from birth to death, it only has one month of life. Moreover, it can't be used for battle. It can be considered a failed cultivation."

Chapter end

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