Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 74: You Can’t Fall Into The Act

Chapter 74: You Can’t Fall Into The Act

It was already late in the night when Haru burped and walked out of Uchiha's station with a foot that didn't recognize his family. Behind him, Uchiha Kagami had a helpless expression on his face as he carried a large pile of things with both hands.

Haru used his actions to prove what it meant to eat and take.

Uchiha Tengu originally thought that it was a good start when the topic of Haru's - mother 'was mentioned, but they didn't expect it to be the peak of today...

After listening to what he wanted to know, Haru directly turned on the act of pretending to be stupid. No matter what Uchiha Tengu asked him or how he tried to test him, he pretended to not understand, or simply changed the topic.

It was so hard to make Uchiha Tengu curse in his heart countless times, "Little fox!"

However, although Uchiha Tengu was usually very irritable and used beautiful cursing words to greet others, when facing Haru, especially with Kagami's reminder, he had always been very restrained, but the smile on his face became more and more forced.

Especially after the meal, Haru asked, "Can I pack the rest of the dishes and bring them back?"

At that time, Uchiha Tengu almost broke through!


If not for Haru raising his eyebrows behind him and asking, "Didn't you say that you wanted me to be your own home? Could it be a courtesy?"

Uchiha Tengu was really angered to the point of leaving with a flick of his sleeves.

However, after calming down and thinking about it, this kind of thing could not be rushed, and it was unrealistic to think that he could become a fatty. Yur fvorite stories on /o/(v)/lbn(.)cm

After all, this child did not have any sense of belonging to the Uchiha clan at all. If he wanted to rely on this little favor to scare Haru, that would be just asking for a fart!

Thus, after thinking it through, Uchiha Tengu immediately had people pack up all the remaining untouched dishes. Then, they warmly brought Haru around to take a good look at Uchiha's station. They acted as tour guides and commentators, causing all the clansmen who witnessed this scene to be greatly shocked. When did their clan leader speak so kindly? Could it be that he was under an illusion?

When he said that his mouth was dry and his mouth was dry, when Haru mentioned that it was already late to go back, he got someone to bring a few books and give them to Haru.

It recorded a little experience and experience of the Uchiha clan regarding how to use Sharingan, and he also warned Haru not to spread it.

In fact, even if this thing was spread out, it would not matter. After all, Sharingan was the unique Kekkei Genkai of their clan. Even if outsiders got it, they would just stare helplessly. It was useless.

On the contrary, giving it to Haru would not only increase his favorable impression but also make this child take fewer detours.

As for the more profound secrets that were not passed down, such as the forbidden arts that needed to cooperate with Sharingan, it was not yet time to take them out.

Unless Haru admitted that he was also a part of Uchiha, and was willing to contribute to the clan, Uchiha Tengu would let him come into contact with the core secrets of Uchiha's clan.

After all, eggs couldn't be placed in the same basket.

After withdrawing his gaze from Haru's back, Uchiha Tengu turned around and went back. Then, a certain someone's loud voice sounded again.


Two days later, in the dark cave.

It was unknown what Madara was thinking, but he quietly listened to Black Zetsu's speech.

The child that Hashirama saw at the funeral that day was actually born of a woman from Tobirama and Uchiha's family?

During this period of time, Izuna's voice and appearance constantly appeared in Madara's mind. He also sent Black Zetsu to constantly gather information about this child.

At first, Madara wondered if this child was a descendant of Izuna.

But the truth was that Izuna was just like him, not having any children.

Then why did his intuition tell him that this child might be related to Izuna the first time he saw the child?

Was it a whim?

Or was it really so?

Could it be that Izuna secretly left his bloodline behind his back?

Madara, whose mind was in a mess, raised his hand to indicate that Black Zetsu did not need to say anything.

"Senju... Haru went to the Uchiha clan's encampment? Or did the current patriarch personally go out to welcome him?"

"Indeed. Your juniors seem to want to use this child's identity bloodline to do something." Black Zetsu chuckled.

The corners of Madara's mouth curled up slightly as if he was very disdainful. Since when did the things that the Uchiha clan wanted rely on others for charity?

Sure enough, it was the right choice for him to choose to abandon those people who were blinded by false peace in front of him.

Sadly, the arrogant Uchiha who had once fought to the death with Senju's clan had already disappeared. What was left was actually some naive and stupid people. They actually tried to pin their hopes on a child. They simply lost all face!

"Continue to investigate. I don't believe that Senju Tobirama will fall in love with a woman with the surname Uchiha. There must be some secret hidden in this."

Madara's tone was very mocking. He seemed to recall the scene of him standing outside and listening to Tobirama argue with Hashirama to stop him from becoming Hokage.

This man had never trusted Uchiha's clan from the beginning to the end and had never believed him. How could he have anything to do with a woman with the blood of Uchiha?

It had to be said that Madara's intuition was very terrifying. At the same time, he understood Tobirama very well.

However, Black Zetsu had different thoughts. Or rather, he did not want to see Madara waste his time on such an insignificant matter.

Perhaps he could think of a way to solve the root of the problem, such as... killing this child!

As long as the other party did not exist, Madara would not be so stubborn.

Black Zetsu, who had secretly made a decision in his heart, did not give himself away and obediently drilled into the ground again.


At this time, Haru, who did not know that he actually was involved in another crisis, was having a headache about how to let his original little brother live in harmony with his new little brother.

At the usual place where group fights.

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, who joined later, were glaring at each other. No one was willing to give in easily, as if whoever spoke first would admit defeat.

In this regard, Haru had no good way to solve it.

After all, they hated each other, and he could not force these guys to kowtow and worship each other.

At this moment, the last person who had arranged to build a team today also arrived. It was Sakumo, who had a white Ninja tied to his arm, Headband.

"Sakumo, here!" Haru waved his hand.

Because Sakumo took the initiative to show that he wanted to be on good terms with him these days, Haru took advantage of the situation and invited him.

He thought that the other would refuse, but after a short hesitation, he actually nodded and agreed.

Although Haru was a little surprised, he was very happy in his heart.

This was the terror of Konoha, White Fang, who wouldn't covet it?

If it were for another transmigrator, he would probably have already knelt down and licked them.

Of course, he definitely couldn't do it. After all, the burden of being an idol couldn't be easily put down. Otherwise, it would be like he had fallen into a relationship!

Chapter end

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