Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 46 - Meeting an Acquaintance

Chapter 46 - Meeting an Acquaintance

Chapter 46 - Meeting an Acquaintance

As everyone was giving their congratulations to Ling Feilong, the person, himself, had his eyes swept over to a corner of the room, the corner where Shi Feng sat. His eyes held a hint of dissatisfaction when he looked at Shi Feng.

He was the pride of the class and, even more so, a future celebrity. Yet, an inferior student like Shi Feng actually did not intend to flatter him?

After a round of flattery, Ling Feilong allowed the students to return to their seats.

I thank everyone for your support. Please quiet down for a moment. I am here today because I have a matter that I wish to discuss, Ling Feilong said.

Hearing Ling Feilongs announcement, everyone listened attentively. Only Shi Feng remained uninterested towards Ling Feilongs matter.

However, Shi Feng could not help but pay attention after hearing Ling Feilong speak.

Its something related to the schools recommendation. Ling Feilong calmly said, Everyone knows how I am obsessed with fighting. However, my grades at school arent that good, so it has caused some problems with my recommendation. So, I wish for someone here to give up a spot. The school has already agreed to this; so I am here to discuss this matter with everyone else.

Brother Long, this is only a trivial matter. It is only a recommendation. As the pride of the class, as long as Brother Long requests it, there will definitely be someone in the class willing to give up their spot, a bootlicking male student said.

Although everyone in the class agreed to this persons words, there was nobody who willingly stood up to give away their recommendation.

In the end, finding a job was just too hard. The recommendation was much more valued than a persons educational background when working inside a big company. If they were to give up their recommendation, what would they do in the future?

As for the ones who had no rights to the recommendation, to begin with, naturally, it was easier to be brave standing from a safe distance. They continuously incited the others like hot-blooded mad-men.

Ling Feilongs expression slightly darkened when he saw nobody taking initiative.

Since everyone is reacting so proactively, it wont be good if Im the one who does the choosing. How about this, lets raise our hands and vote, Ling Feilong suggested with a smile.

Thats a good idea! Brother Feilong is the smartest!

Then lets start voting!

The hot-blooded mad-men all stood up one after another, their faces holding expressions of delight, delight at the misfortune of others.

Shi Feng, who sat by the wall, was suddenly enlightened after looking at this scene.

Crap! So it was these bastards who stole my recommendation!

A wrathful flame ignited within Shi Fengs heart. He was truly a fool in his previous life for actually working with Ling Feilong. Not in this life, however. If Ling Feilong wished to cause trouble for him in this life, he couldnt be blamed for reacting in kind.

Maybe it was a continuation of his previous life, but the voting results did not change in the slightest. The students immediately sat Shi Feng on the throne.

Fellow student Shi Feng, you are really lucky! Im slightly envious of you!

Youll get to have Brother Long cover for you from now on; you should be grateful to us.

Everyone in the class started congratulating Shi Feng as if Shi Feng had just won a five million Credit lottery.

Fellow student, Shi Feng, thank you, truly. After school is over today, I invite you to come with me for a drink at the Maple Leaf Bar, Ling Feilong smiled a hypocritical smile. He did not place Shi Feng within his sights at all. There was not a hint of gratitude in his tone, only disdain. Following which, he turned to look at the other students, saying, Of course, everyone else is also invited. Let us enjoy ourselves today.

Hold on a moment, Shi Feng suddenly said.

Suddenly, everyone in the class turned their sights towards Shi Feng. If Shi Feng did not actively speak up, they might have long since forgotten about his existence.

May I know if fellow student Shi Feng has something he wishes to say? Ling Feilong looked towards Shi Feng, asking with a smile.

I will not agree with this;, so why are you getting all joyous all on your own? Shi Feng shot a glance at Ling Feilong, saying, If any of you wish to give him your recommendation, then just give it to him. In any case, I wont be letting go of my recommendation. If there are no other matters, Ill be leaving.

Suddenly, the entire classroom became dead silent. Nobody could imagine that Shi Feng, a person constantly bullied by students of other classes, actually rebelled against Ling Feilong. His current display was very abnormal. Was Shi Feng not afraid of being taken out by Ling Feilong?

Ling Feilong, as well, was shocked, not because of Shi Fengs actions, however, but at Shi Fengs foolishness.

Did he actually think he could protect his recommendation just because he had refused to hand it over?

This was a result voted by the entire class. It would be meaningless, even if Shi Feng refused. When the time came, the university would still give him the recommendation. Even though the result was unchangeable, Shi Feng still foolishly chose to stand against him.

Should Shi Feng be called foolish? Or did he have a few screws loose?

Just when Ling Feilong wanted to take action, an impatient voice sounded from outside the door.

Little Long, are you still not done? Brother Zhang doesnt like to be kept waiting.

A tall blond youth came in through the door. Following behind him was an alluring girl dressed in sexy and revealing clothing. The two together caused the male students to look on in envy.

Shi Feng shot a glance over, discovering that it was actually an acquaintance.

The tall and blond youth was coincidentally Flaming Tiger. His real name was Zhou Yuhu, and he was a fourth-year university student, similar to Shi Feng. This person had great talent, and he managed to obtain a good result of third place in the universitys fighting tournament this time around. Meanwhile, the enchanting female by Zhou Yuhus side was also an acquaintance of Shi Fengs. Her name was Qin Shuyu, and she was Shi Fengs classmate during high school; she was also the flower of the class at the time.

Shi Feng was truly blind during those times. Young and dumb, he was actually enchanted by Qin Shuyu, even to the point of confessing his love to her. Naturally, the result was rejection. After entering university, Qin Shuyu had become Zhou Yuhus girlfriend. Qin Shuyu even mentioned to Zhou Yuhu the matter of Shi Fengs confession. As a result, Shi Feng was often taken care of by students from other classes. After Shi Feng joined Shadow, he was often sent to carry out senseless tasks, stunting his growth in Gods Domain.

Brother Hu, why have you come here? Ill immediately go after Im done settling my business here. When Ling Feilong saw the person who had arrived, he respectfully went up to welcome him with a smiling face.

How much longer do you need? I dont have that much time to waste Zhou Yuhu wrinkled his brows, impatiently saying. He was parted from his duties as Team Leader today all because of that Ye Feng character, and he had only recently risen to Level 2. Afterward, he was even given a scolding by Brother Zhang. These occurrences caused him to become greatly irritated deep within his heart.

Two to three minutes should be enough. Ling Feilong replied. He felt teaching Shi Feng the ways to be a proper person should not be a big problem.

Good, then hurry up, Zhou Yuhu demanded.

Currently, Qin Shuyus eyes unintentionally landed on Shi Feng; her expression was suddenly turning sour. She had no good impressions of Shi Feng. He had neither money nor power. There was not the slightest feeling of safety or strength coming from him. When compared with Zhou Yuhu, the difference between the two was hundreds and thousands of miles apart. Shi Feng even confessed to her without knowing his own worth. It was just an insult to her person, and as a result, she was often made fun of by the other girls.

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Seeing the disgust on Qin Shuyus face, Zhou Yuhu hooked up her chin with his robust hand, teasingly saying, Baby, Ill take care of him for you immediately, lest he shows up in front of you again.

Qin Shuyu faintly smiled as she nodded, not having any intention of stopping Zhou Yuhu.

Hey brat, come over here, Zhou Yuhu pointed his finger at Shi Feng, loudly roaring.

Everyone was shocked at seeing Zhou Yuhus imposing manner. Who was Zhou Yuhu? He was ranked third in the schools fighting tournament. He was much more powerful when compared to the ninth-ranked Ling Feilong. A single hit from him was enough to send a person to the hospital for half a month.

Ling Feilong naturally understood what was happening before him; Zhou Yuhu was irritated by Shi Feng and wished to take care of him. Originally, he too wanted to teach Shi Feng a lesson and let the entire class know of his prowess. If he were to take care of Shi Feng right now, not only would he be helping himself, but he would also be able to sell a favor to Zhou Yuhu; he would be killing two birds with one stone. Hence, Ling Feilong stepped forward and volunteered, Brother Hu, no need for you to personally take action. Originally, I already wanted to teach this kid a lesson. Give me thirty seconds.

Little Long, so the matter you had to deal with before was this. Zhou Yuhu looked towards Shi Feng in disdain. He licked his lips, saying with a cold smile, Better to let me. I also wish to loosen my bones a little.

Saying this, Zhou Yuhu walked towards Shi Feng with a cold smile.

Chapter end

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