Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 51 - Competition at the Auction House

Chapter 51 - Competition at the Auction House

Chapter 51 - Competition at the Auction House

Shi Feng called out the Search Panel, immediately entering the words Hard Stone.

Suddenly, rows of information appeared on the semi-transparent screen.

In a single glance, Shi Feng could see over a hundred stacks of Hard Stones being sold. There were many players selling them. When Shi Feng saw a stack of Hard Stones selling for 1 Gold Coin, he felt such a player must have been driven insane by poverty. Immediately, Shi Feng filtered the display to show prices from lowest to highest.

After adjusting the display, the cheapest stack of Hard Stones still cost 26 Coppers. After deducting the processing fees of the Auction House, players could still receive 25 Coppers. As expected, the prices were a lot higher than normal.

However, Shi Feng still had to buy them. He could afford them as long as the price was below 30 Coppers.

Suddenly, the number of Hard Stones available on the Auction House had been reduced by a large half. The remaining ones were all selling for 30 Coppers and above, and there was no spendthrift who would buy them.

After looking at Hard Stones, Shi Feng casually took at the miscellaneous section.

Shi Fengs eyes abruptly shone. There were actually Card Sets. Moreover, there was a large number of them. There was some chance for monsters to drop these Card Sets; however, the drop rate for it was extremely low. There was not even a ten thousand to one chance for one to drop. Monsters below Level 10 were able to drop twelve Card Sets, and they were divided into two ranks: Bronze Rank and Mysterious-Iron Rank.

Warriors had Steel, Crusaders, and Insanity.

Weapons Specialists had Chaos, Vengeance, and Hurricane.

Healers had Divine, Nature, and Noble.

Mages had Element, Fool, and Demon.

These twelve Card Sets each represented the twelve different Jobs. Every set had nine cards in them, and each card had a number behind them. As long as a player could gather a complete set, they could exchange it for a piece of Set Equipment for the respective Job.

Back in those days, a majority of the players did not know what these Card Sets were for. Moreover, there was no introduction for these Card Sets. Players, at that time, simply kept these Card Sets in their bags or sold them at the Auction House. Only when the Normal Mode of the fifty-man Level 10 Dungeon near the city was cleared, did these players discovered there was actually an NPC that would trade for these Card Sets. Depending on the rank of the Card Sets, they could be traded for either Bronze or Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment.

These Set Equipment were absolutely marvelous. A Bronze Set of Equipment could rival an entire regular set of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, whereas a Mysterious-Iron Set of Equipment could rival an entire regular set of Secret-Silver Equipment. So, these Card Sets that nobody cared about before suddenly turned ragingly popular overnight. Every card was sold at an astronomical price. Even so, many Guilds were still frantic over them, constantly purchasing them.

Meanwhile, there were hundreds of Card Sets currently displayed in front of Shi Feng, yet there was actually nobody who wanted them. Each card was being sold at no more than 5 Coppers, and even the maximum was 7 Coppers.

Shi Feng bought them clean without hesitation. Shi Feng did not think much of the cost. Whats more, they would not increase in value even, if he had left them in his bag. Using the money to grow money, now that was the way of the king.

After Shi Feng was finished with collecting Hard Stones and Card Sets, he was left with no more than 14 Silver Coins.

Following which, Shi Feng searched for skill books through the Search Panel. To determine a players strength in Gods Domain, other than looking at their equipment, the number of skills they had learned was another factor. If a player possessed many skills, they could have a large variety of attack patterns to use in battle. An expert Swordsman could usually utilize more than twenty skills in battle, whereas first-rate experts could use more than forty skills in battle. As for the top-tier experts, they did not need to be mentioned.

Shi Feng was a first-rate expert, yet, he possessed less than ten skills. His condition was truly pathetic...

However, there were very few skill books currently being sold. Under normal circumstances, players would usually use skill books on themselves or trade them for a skill they were able to use.

Shi Feng went through more than ten pages in one go. As long as he saw a skill usable by Swordsmen, he immediately bought them. When Shi Feng arrived at the final page, his mind turned blank.

Are you kidding me? Even [Defensive Blade] is being sold? Shi Feng went wild with joy.

The Defensive Blade was a Swordsmans powerhouse skill. It was also a sure-kill skill when dealing with Mages. However, the skill also had a damnable drop rate. Even in his previous life, Shi Feng only managed to get his hands on the skill after he was well over Level 40. Shi Feng truly did not imagine he would be able to see it now.

Although the selling price was slightly high, 6 Silvers was still acceptable to Shi Feng.

Shi Feng immediately placed a bid of 7 Silver Coins, not wanting to waste too much time.

Very quickly, Shi Feng bought the skill for 7 Silver Coins.

With the current purchasing power of 7 Silver Coins, Shi Feng could buy five to six Basic skill books. However, Shi Feng spent them all on Defensive Blade without batting an eyelid.

In addition to buying the Rare Skill, Defensive Blade, Shi Feng also purchased three Common Skills: Observing Eyes, Windwalk, and Earth Splitter. On another note, while Shi Feng was joyous over his purchase, the situation at the Auction House started turning frantic.

The logistic members of the various Guilds were all crimson to their ears, their rage soaring to the skies.

Crap, 9 Silver Coins still isnt enough to get this equipment?! Which rich Guild is it that bade 10 Silver Coins?

You animals, why dont you take a look at my side? Someones already bid 10 Silvers and 65 coppers. These people are absolutely insane. Ive only brought 10 Silver Coins with me. What should I do now that I cant complete my task?

Abominable! Theyre hiding their names and placing only these few pieces of equipment on auction; how can I even snatch one?!

These people were the logistics members of unrated Guilds. They were on the brink of insanity when they saw the larger Guilds bid, each higher than the other. The most abominable person, however, was the creator of the equipment. Every time, this person only auctioned a few pieces of equipment. Previously, the competition over the equipment was already sufficiently intense. However, the Garrison Armor being auctioned right now had even better Attributes, and their numbers were even less. The money they brought along to bid was absolutely insufficient; so how were they going to fight for the equipment?

It cant be, right? Are there that many tycoons? Someone actually bid 11 Silvers. Shi Fengs joy reached the tips of his brows when he looked at how the Garrison Armors price continuously increased. Within moments, the money he spent before had all been recovered, to the extent that it was more than before.

Suddenly, Shi Feng thought of the Defensive Blade. The average player definitely had no chance of obtaining such a rare skill for Swordsmen, whereas Guilds would not sell it, even if they obtained it. The skill must have been sold by a certain Guild to collect funds to buy the Garrison Armor. Its just that their actions once again benefited Shi Feng.

Within moments, all seven Garrison Armors had their prices increased past 11 Silvers. Such a price shocked even Shi Feng, himself. Where did so many powerful Guilds suddenly come from? With the financial resources of such Guilds, they ought to not spend that much money on a piece of Bronze Equipment.

However, what Shi Feng did not know was, after he had placed the Garrison Armors on auction, the logistics members of various large Guilds reported the situation back to their Guild Leaders. Previously, these Guild Leaders saw the MT of other Guilds tanking Special Elites with the Garrison Armor. These MTs were able to allow the other players to attack the Special Elites with ease, obtaining various skill books and Bronze Equipment, Mysterious-Iron Equipment even. At such a sight, the eyes of these Guild Leaders had long since turned red with envy.

Unfortunately, they had no solutions to this matter. They wished to let the Lifestyle players of their own respective Guilds forge this equipment, yet they did not have the Forging Design for it. They also wished to contact the player who had forged these Garrison Armors, yet this player had hidden his name, preventing any means of contact. Their only choice was to watch on, helplessly. Now, however, the Garrison Armor, this time, even possessed Defensive Power. They definitely must buy it. Hence, these Guilds started gathering funds immediately.

Do you hear me; you definitely must get it! Immediately bid 13 Silver Coins! I want to see who else dares to bid.

What? Is it already at 13 Silvers? Bid 13 Silvers 50 Coppers. I dont believe there is a Guild that is wealthier than us.

There were over a hundred Towns under the influence of White River City, and there were hundreds of Guilds continuously bidding for the Garrison Armor. After half an hour, all seven Garrison Armors were auctioned off, with the lowest being sold at 14 Silvers 60 Coppers. Shi Feng earned more than one Gold Coin in an instant. Seeing how fervent these people were, Shi Feng took the chance to place the Garrison Heavy Armor on auction, setting its starting price at 16 Silver Coins. Following which, Shi Feng left the Auction House.

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It was still night, and there was about half an hour before sunrise. It was very unwise to go out and level right now, so Shi Feng went to the library in Red Leaf Town first. He wanted to have a better understanding of the diary, which contained elvish words, he obtained from the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest. He might even obtain a new find.

Chapter end

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